Hi, I am a film director, culture manager, and art director known for my work in producing films, photo editorials, cultural projects, and exhibitions. I am also the founder of Pinokio Models, an inclusive modeling agency. / Cześć, jestem reżyserem filmowym, menadżerem kultury i dyrektorem artystycznym, znanym z produkci filmowych, edytoriali modowych oraz projektów kulturalnych i wystaw. Jestem również założycielem agencji modeli i modelek Pinokio Models, która promuje inkluzywność i różnorodność w branży mody.



short film / Italy, Poland / 2017

Three days in the sun. Three days with a woman. Three days at the foot of a volcano. Katarzyna, a middle-aged simultaneous interpreter, spends a weekend in Naples with her lover.


short film / Italy, Poland / 2016

We are going for a trip to Mount Vesuvius accompanied by Japanese actress Tomoko Hayakawa. This is the first meeting with the volcano for both her and ourselves. As she guides us through the breathtaking landscape, she seamlessly weaves in stories from her past films, immersing us in the worlds of „2903” (shot in 2014 in Tokyo) and „Careful with the Sun” (shot in 2015 in Naples). On our way to the crater, she recounts a story in her mother tongue, with which none among the crew are familiar.


short film / Japan, Poland / 2015

A man and an actress, so bored with their reality that it got them to try to share intimate moments together. He wants her to endow him with the feelings that he had lost. She is open to experiencing more than just another emotional play.


short film / Poland / 2014

Explore the inner workings of a gay protagonist’s mind as he embarks on a surreal and introspective adventure during a single night at a hotel.

Fashion Films


fashion films for Pinokio Models / 2023

Together, this film trilogy explores the power of friendship, sisterhood, and unity in breaking down barriers and embracing individuality. Through playful races, heartfelt rituals, and rebellious acts, the characters showcase the importance of connection and acceptance in finding true happiness and freedom.


fashion film for Vogue Czechoslovakia / 2022

As they strut through Warsaw sites and natural landmarks, the models showcase a fusion of urban streetwear and high-fashion pieces, creating a visually stunning and dynamic display of style and movement.



is an independent Warsaw based model agency established and run by Wojciech Tubaja. The inclusive and underground nature of PINOKIO MODELS catches the eye of the fashion industry that value the real natural human beauty in all possible even the most questionable varieties. Support for those, who will join us in who they really are. Reinforcement of diversity and inclusivity, individuality, uniqueness and rebelliousness. To keep persistently moving forward. Steadfastly. No bullshit talk, no scam, no excuses.

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a virtual model that challenges traditional norms and expands the possibilities for brands through creativity, innovation, and the convergence of technology. LAIMA is a vision of what is to come in the ever-changing world of fashion.

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